Spoken English

Spoken English

At OIEC, we offer Spoken English programs at all levels from beginner to advance, with an intention to develop overall fluency and accuracy in the English Language. Our Spoken English courses are designed in a unique manner to develop your spoken fluency by making use of various effective and proven skills such as role-plays, interviews, group discussions, and public speaking assignments.

Importance of Spoken English

"Learning is an opportunity to use what you’ve learned, broaden your horizons and improve the best version of yourself……”

Today, English has become the most important language of communication at an international level. It is chosen to be a primary as well as the official language for no less than 49 countries, around the world. These days, it is a prime need people to be able to speak fluent English, since English tops the list of essential prerequisites for competing globally in terms of job opportunities and career skills. Most of the elite universities in the world are located in the countries where the medium of instruction is English.

Communication is an indispensable part of one’s personality. So, if you are conscious about your personality, you should consider learning how to be fluent in English. It helps in developing your self-confidence and personality.

Considering all the facts, we can infer about the importance of English Speaking. Our Special Spoken English course is designed for young learners to help them improve their fluency in global language skills. Business English courses offer professional people an opportunity to improve their English to prosper themselves worldwide. In spite of the fact that the results are rewarding, learning any language is a complex process and we give our best to prepare you fight through that complexity and come out to be a winner in the real world.

Role Plays

Role-plays can ease the participant’s transition into using English in real-world situations where students take on different personalities. Students are asked to act out a real-life situation, for example -checking in at a hotel , to play the role of “Angry Neighbour”, which is opposite to the character for the student and any other imaginary crafted situation .


In linguistics, the grammar of a natural language is its set of structural constraints on speakers' or writers' composition of clauses, phrases, and words. Grammar is defined as a system of language rules that allows you to combine individual words to make complex meanings. By applying grammar rules to your writing, you’ll make it stronger, clearer, and more effective. Students are instructed about the basic grammatical rules for a firm grip and fluency in English .

Public Speaking

Public speaking involves the process of communication. Communicating with a group of people in a structured, deliberately manner for informing, influencing, or entertaining listeners. The art of public speaking has the power to charm people into listening to what you have to say.

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